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Western Rider Handbook Level 4

Western Rider Handbook Level 4

  • $5.00

Please Note:  Equestrian Canada has recently combined Western Rider Levels 1-4 into one manual.   We only have a few of the individual level manuals available.  Price has been reduced to clear.   Content of the new manual is the same as the individualized manuals.

The Western Learn to Ride Program was developed for those individuals who wish to learn safe horsemanship skills and practices on a national standard under the guidance of a certified Equestrian Canada Western Coach. The purpose of this program is to provide new riders with a safe and knowledgeable introduction to Western riding. The Western Learn to Ride Program was developed following definite objectives set forth in order to organize basic western riding skills and to assure a standardization of these same skills.

Rider 4 Candidates will be taught how to:

  • Understand and explain basic collection
  • Execute a simple change of leads from both directions
  • Demonstrate proper lunging procedures
  • Demonstrate and explain side pass
  • Demonstrate and explain two-track movements
  • Demonstrate all practical work referred to in Rider I, II and III