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P'tit Trot - Western Rider Kit - 4 Pack

  • $156.00

The P'tit Trot riding program was created to help children 5 and up learn the basics of Western riding with a horse or pony.

The colourful illustrations and amusing antics of P'tit Trot were designed to help kids discover horses and learn the ABCs of Western riding. They also learn how to take care of their horses.

This program is tailor-made for kids who are interested in horses. It can also serve as the ideal springboard for summer camps or riding day camps.

Make sure your child is taking the P'tit Trot riding program with a certified professional, he or she will be able to provide you with everything you need to get started.

The objectives can be adapted according to the circumstances, the positions and the capacity of apprenticeship of every individual. P’tit Trot does not address itself only to the young ones desiring to climb onto a horse but to all those that like horses! Better yet, parents can deliver this program to their children, or, search for a Western coach that has purchased the program and is willing to assist the child through the program.

This initiative can be categorized in the FUNdamentals stage of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTED) program as it meets the general objectives and goals laid out in the plan.

A Four Pack Participant kit includes: Four (4) manuals, Four (4) sets of certificates, Four (4) Colouring books, Four (4) Report Cards, One (1) Coaches Guide.