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Hansbo Sport ICM Turnout Rug

Hansbo Sport ICM Turnout Rug

  • $339.00


Hansbo Sport ICM Turn Out Rug has the following features:

  • 1680 D ballistic polyester lining with infused ceramic and magnetic material

  • Ceramic/Magnetic properties increases the horse's well being and provides a nurturing feeling
  • Water resistance and breath-ability >3000
  • Taped Seams and Reflective Edging
  • Two front quick-release buckles in zinc nickel
  • High shoulder pleats and cross surcingles and tail flap
  • Shoulder Lined with 70D black shiny nylon to prevent chafing
  • Three D-Rings for optional Neck Attachment.

Hansbo Sport ICM Removable Neck is available as an option.  To view/purchase optional neck please click here

Hansbo Sport ICM products feature two innovative technologies: ceramic IC and ceramic/magnetic ICM.  The products work by generating their own heat, providing the horse with a greater feeling of well-being and helping to prevent injuries.   Use of ceramic fabrics can increase blood flow by up to 80% and reduce muscle spasms.  Increased blood circulation speeds up healing in skin, muscle and bones.  Supporting a horse's well-being helps it to perform at its best. Regular use of Hansbo Sport ICM enables a faster recovery period after exercise.

Hansbo Sport ICM products should be used cautiously at first to allow your horse to get used to the ceramic and magnetic effects of the fabric.  

PLEASE NOTE: The product is not to be used on pregnant mares, or when pregnant. 


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