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Hansbo Sport ICM Quick Wraps

  • $95.00


Hansbo Sport ICM Quick Wraps are a perfect addition to your tack collection.   Some of the special features of these Quick Wraps include:

  • Soft Inner Lining which sits against the horse's skin is made from infused ceramic/magnetic polyester. This ceramic/magnetic material is fused into every fibre - function is not adversely affected after washing
  • Lower edge of the lining is reinforced with 420g of Oxford nylon, for added durability
  • Outer material has strong neoprene and four Velcro® fasteners for optimum fit and comfort to keep the ceramic/magnetic lining in place
  • Lining is joined to the outer material by two Velcro® fasteners for easy removal for washing
  • Sold as a 2-pack
Hansbo Sport ICM products feature two innovative technologies: ceramic IC and ceramic/magnetic ICM.  The products work by generating their own heat, providing the horse with a greater feeling of well-being and helping to prevent injuries.   Use of ceramic fabrics can increase blood flow by up to 80% and reduce muscle spasms.  Increased blood circulation speeds up healing in skin, muscle and bones.  Supporting a horse's well-being helps it to perform at its best. Regular use of Hansbo Sport ICM enables a faster recovery period after exercise.


Hansbo Sport ICM products should be used cautiously at first to allow your horse to get used to the ceramic and magnetic effects of the fabric.  

PLEASE NOTE: The product is not to be used on pregnant mares, or when pregnant.




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