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Go Horse Camping

Go Horse Camping

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Go Horse Camping - (A (funny) Illustrated Guide to Camping with your Horse 

This is an essential resource for riders who want to go on overnight trips with their horses. Whether you're trail riding, endurance riding, or going to a horse show, this book has all the information you need, and takes the confusion and stress out of planning a trip.

It provides a step-by-step approach to determining potential destinations and travelling partners, as well as the skills and gear you'll need to embark on your adventure.  Checklists covering everything from emergency equipment to clothing, horse gear, trailers, and accommodations will assist you in organizing every detail.  And dozens of hilarious illustrations will keep you laughing while you plan and pack. 

Go Horse Camping  is a must-have for anyone wanting to enjoy the incredible connection that comes from camping with their horse.   So don't wait - grab the book and go horse camping!

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    Copyright © 2016 Tania Millen and Julia Nieckarz

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