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P'tit Trot - English Rider Kit - 4 Pack

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This program is designed for children 5 years old and up and their parents and/or coaches. It is a program devoted solely to the initiation of equitation and to the horse world so that young children can discover the pleasures of english equitation and understand how to care for the horse.

This program fills a need with young english riders that are very interested in this subject. The P’tit Trot program was designed and published by the Federation Équestre du Quebec (Mary Claude Lamothe, Patricia Leclerc and Serge St-Louis). Lavishly illustrated, the workbook thrusts the child into the environment of the horse, with the principal characters, Michael, Megan and Abbie and the horses, Skip, Shylo and Priska and the trainer Donna. The mascot, P’tit Trot puts in value, always on a humorous grade, the points more important to keep. In addition, if the child wishes it, this work integrates itself in an apprenticeship program completely managed by a trainer or a supervisor.

The objectives can be adapted according to the circumstances, the positions and the capacity of apprenticeship of every individual. P’tit Trot does not address itself only to the young ones desiring to climb onto a horse but to all those that like horses! Better yet, parents can deliver this program to their children, or, search for a English coach that has purchased the program and is willing to assist the child through the program.

This initiative can be categorized in the FUNdamentals stage of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTED) program as it meets the general objectives and goals laid out in the plan.

A 4 Participant kit includes: Four (4) manuals, Four (4) sets of certificates, Four (4) Colouring books, Four (4) Report Cards, One (1) Coaches Guide

Suggested retail price: Individual Kit is to be sold to student for $39.00 + GST & Shipping