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Canadian Natural Horsemanship Introduction to Riding - DVD Set

Canadian Natural Horsemanship Introduction to Riding - DVD Set

  • $150.00

Introduction to Riding with Nettie Barr

Learn and develop skills to effectively communicate with your horse under saddle.   You will learn safe saddling, rider position at walk/trot/lope, developing positive forward movement, emergency rein position (one rein stops) posting and footfalls off the horse, direct and indirect reining, turning on the haunches and forehand, backing and sidepassing, developing great stops, on the rail, cloverleaf pattern, a bending exercise and more!

You will also learn more advanced ground work techniques as a follow up from the first DVD package "Round Penning and On-Line Ground Work".   Nettie also includes some extra training tips setting you and your horse up for success.

This DVD program gives you clear, step by step detailed instruction with different horse types including the green horse and a trained horse that has not been ridden for a few years.  Suitable for all discipines of riding including Western, English and Recreational Rider. 

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